Takeme Get a private driver from your mobile phone. Takeme connects you with a driver in seconds.

October 2015——Take Me was founded a trial began.

February 2016——Take Me officially launched.

December 2017——A trial began across many other cities.

August 2018——An extensive market research was completed.

January 2019——Indiegogo campaign goes live.

March 2019——Live testing of the new Take Me App.

April 2019——Fulfillment of Rewards to Backers.


18.11.2018 — We will soon have an update in regards to our newest upcoming app!

18/12/2018 — We have made substantial progress with our new app development and should soon bring our Indiegogo campaign live!

14/01/2019 — Our Indiegogo campaign is now live & we will have a new website coming live soon!


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